SASAGE Services (shooting, measurement, copywriting) (SASAGE Services)

transcosmos owns STUDIO COMPASS, a shooting studio in our main office in Shibuya.
・You are welcome to attend the shooting session in the studio with good access from Shibuya station.
・We offer both photo and video shooting services.
・One-stop shop creative services from shooting to editing all available inside our office.

SASAGE Services Details
(SASAGE Services (shooting, measurement, copywriting) Details)

One-stop shop from shooting to editing. Make high-quality creatives at speed.

At STUDIO COMPASS, our studio located within Shibuya main office, our photographers/videographers shoot models and products for your e-commerce websites, ads/landing pages, and web contents in both video and image formats.
The studio is equipped with professional lighting/studio equipment designed for video shooting.
Focusing on creating video creatives, the fully furnished STUDIO COMPASS offers makeup rooms and green screen studio setups, perfect for digital editing such as creating composite backgrounds.

SASAGE Services Details

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SASAGE Services Distinctive Features/Strengths
(SASAGE Services (shooting, measurement, copywriting) Distinctive Features/Strengths)

High-volume photography service in partnership with “SP Studio” by SAGAWA PRINTING Co., Ltd.

We offer SASAGE services in partnership with SP Studio. Up to 15 booths/day available.

  • Over 30 photographers/videographers.
  • Covers a variety of products including apparel items at major supermarkets, furniture, knickknacks, and more.
  • Best casting to match with shooting methods and clips.
  • Rich lineup of interior accessories and props available for spur-of-the-moment clips/images.

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SASAGE Services Benefits
(SASAGE Services (shooting, measurement, copywriting) Benefits)

Excellent location ensures easy access.

We offer you a series of creative services from shooting to editing in our studio located at the heart of Tokyo.

Address: Shibuya First Tower 1-2-20, Higashi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0011 Japan
Easy access from Shibuya station to STUDIO COMPASS, which is located on the 7th floor, transcosmos inc.

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