Live Video Shopping Solution Bambuser

Bambuser is a One-to-Many live video shopping solution with its proprietary high-quality and stable live streaming technology built on world-class technology at the core. With Bambuser, you can connect with thousands of customers through live shoppable events online, hosted by influencers and your own store associates. Choose between one or more hosts that stream to an unlimited number of viewers and engage at scale.
Bambuser enables customers to get closer to your brands without making them visit your offline stores, the optimum solution in this day and age. With the One-To-Many live video shopping solution that lets you convey the appeal of your product to many customers at once, Bambuser enables you to bring engaging customer experience aligned with your brand.

Bambuser Details

A state-of-art live video shopping technology empowering the world’s most prestigious retailers.

Bambuser is the world leading live video shopping technology company, and is the overall winner of the LVMH Innovation Award 2021 hosted by the LVMH Group. Bambuser empowers more than 300 brands across the globe including brands from the LVMH group, Samsung, Tommy Hilfiger, Farfetch, etc. With its live video shopping solution, brands can make influencers and their store associates host live shoppable events online, broadcasted to unlimited viewers. With Bambuser, you can live stream your videos on your brand website, making both your registered members and new customers enjoy the videos seamlessly without any app download, and dramatically boost customer engagement, sales and time on site (On average, retailers using Bambuser achieve an average engagement rate of 24%, conversion rate of 12.4%, and average session time of 13 minutes).

Bambuser offers various streaming features. To not compromise on quality, Bambuser supports multiple-host simultaneous connections with a split-screen solution. In addition, its pre-recorded video broadcasting feature allows brands to live stream promotional videos, commercials and other pre-recorded videos by directly uploading the content to Bambuser. Moreover, using multiple RTMP (Real Time Messaging Protocol) cameras to switch between camera angles and other production setups, Bambuser gives your live video shopping shows a professional feel.


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Bambuser Distinctive Features & Strengths

Live video shopping broadcasted from your mobile to everyone on earth

  • 1. Proven results
    Bambuser will dramatically increase your engagement, sales, and time on site. On average, retailers using Bambuser achieve an average engagement rate of 24%, conversion rate of 12.4%, and average session time of 13 minutes. Bambuser gives you statistics data including time and duration, viewer time, Likes, chat, add-to-cart, and more. By integrating the data with analytics tools such as Google analytics, you can verify event performance and take action to achieve higher results.
  • 2. Seamless live viewing and shopping experience
    Broadcast live video shopping events on your brand website, and let existing and new audiences easily enjoy the show easily without any app download process. Viewers can check product information and add to their shopping cart right on-screen, no need to move to other pages. With Bambuser, you can simultaneously stream to multiple social media channels, including Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter, etc.
  • 3. Simple & easy livestreaming
    Bambuser is a straightforward, intuitive platform for everyone. Get your show set up in 5 minutes and add products to a show by simply copying and pasting the shoppable URLs. Embed Bambuser video player onto your website in a few simple steps, integration is straightforward, frontend-only. Most live shopping events take place on mobiles, so there’s no need to prepare massive live show setups, cameras and other equipment.
  • 4. Make the most of data and protect personal information at the same time
    Bambuser’s data analytics team and support team provide you with insightful data and feedback. With Bambuser, you keep ownership over all your customer data including their personal and payment information, making Bambuser a reliable solution for protecting personal information.
  • 5. Post-streaming benefits
    With Bambuser, all your videos can be continuously watchable and shoppable in Bambuser archives even after the live show ends. Our clients achieve 60% of their conversion through their recorded shows. With Bambuser editing features, create short videos from the archives, and distribute across website product pages, in newsletters and on Social Media.


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Bambuser Benefits

Livestream seamless and shoppable events, and dramatically boost customer engagement, sales and time on site. Through archived videos, you can continuously achieve conversion even after the live show ends.

With a simple, intuitive user interface, Bambuser lets you livestream seamless and shoppable events. You can engage your audience with live chat, Like, and emoji features, and ultimately increase customer engagement, sales and time on site by leaps and bounds (On average, retailers using Bambuser achieve an average engagement rate of 24%, conversion rate of 12.4%, and average session time of 13 minutes).
With Bambuser video player customized specifically for your brand, you can deliver your own live shopping experience for your audience. Bambuser also enables you to continuously achieve conversion with your archived videos even after the live show ends. If you have any concerns over livestreaming, transcosmos consulting team with a wealth of expertise is here to provide support. Bambuser supports more than 30 languages, and is a reliable solution for going live to the world.

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