Ensure service quality equivalent to that of Japan at an affordable price
Offshore Services

transcosmos’s offshore resources provide high-quality, affordable services in Japanese for clients in Japan.

Services for the Offshore

Back-Office Services

Support non-core, back-office tasks

  • Provide one-stop support for back-office tasks in accounting, human resources and administration departments
  • Enable sales department to focus on their core tasks by providing support for creating sales report, managing customer and product information, making various application forms, making arrangements, managing contracts, creating quotation and processing expenses
  • Reduce cost and improve productivity by leveraging our offshore bases

Document Solution Services

Process mass data at low cost

  • Digitalize and encrypt reports and personal information documents by cooperating with data centers in Japan that are compliant with security guidelines recommended by FISC (The Center for Financial Industry Information Systems)
  • Decrypt the encrypted data and perform data entry in offshore bases with the operational framework which matches with the task volume
  • Recompose the reports and documents into divided digital data to prevent identifying the original personal information during the data entry process

Website Operation Services

Build framework for global website operation

  • Build cost efficient framework while securing quality by cooperating with Japan domestic bases for multi-language translation, website development and verification
  • The services include building 24/7 operational framework
  • Offer English support desk services

Customer Support Services

Support multi-channel in Japanese

  • Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese operators provide support in Japanese via multi-channel including call, e-mail and chat
  • Optimize cost by leveraging Japan domestic and offshore bases

Application Development Services

Deliver quality development services equivalent to or surpassing that of Japan

  • Develop diverse services with a focus on CMS
  • Conduct end-to-end project management from design, development to system testing. Our dedicated quality management team offers high-quality service which meets Japanese quality standards
  • Sign laboratory contract with us and we provide overseas production and maintenance bases for our clients. Our dedicated engineers that are well-versed in Japanese development process provide services in the dedicated development environment which is built on organized infrastructure
  • Develop high-value systems, flexibly accommodating the clients’ needs, using hybrid solutions that mix agile with traditional waterfall method

Design and Development Support Services

Realize cost reduction while securing high quality design tasks

  • Provide wide-ranging supports for construction industry, including consulting for design and development, sales promotion, design and development, production and construction
  • Realize both quality and cost reduction by performing mass design tasks in offshore bases under transcosmos’s management

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