Support clients’ global expansion
Services for the ASEAN Market

transcosmos provides our clients that operate in the ASEAN market with contact center services, digital marketing services, and e-commerce one-stop services, all localized for each ASEAN member country.

Services for the ASEAN Market

Contact Center Services

Guarantee quality contact center operations equivalent to that of Japan

  • Provide contact center services via multi-channel
  • Multilingual services
    Offer services in multiple languages in the ASEAN region (English, Chinese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, etc.). Clients can select from a centralized (Malaysia) or decentralized (each ASEAN nation) service model both operated under centralized control.transcosmos's English speaking staff at Single Point of Contact manages multiple languages and countries with the same standards and rules at the same time.
  • The services include bridge operation for business design and operational management, utilizing our English and Japanese bilingual staff

Digital Marketing Services

Provide the optimum web marketing solutions that fit local market

  • Our specialists, well-versed in the local market, select the optimum media and provide one-stop support for planning, designing, building, developing and operating various web marketing activities for website, campaign website, creatives, and smartphone apps
  • Provide services for each county and area from bases in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Vietnam
    * Including services provided by our affiliates
  • Formed a capital and business alliance with “Heroleads,” a digital performance marketing provider in Thailand with 150+ clients.

E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Strongly support e-commerce business expansion in ASEAN market

  • Operate “Gotcha!mall,” a platform which connects customers and stores in ASEAN. Through the provision of personalized e-coupons by leveraging a capsule toy gaming gimmick, Gotcha!mall promotes customers to “visit, purchase, and re-visit” stores.
  • Help brands boost their brand awareness and expand sales by merging online such as ASEAN’s largest e-commerce shopping mall “Lazada” and offline including department stores and cosmetic stores, and digital marketing.
  • transcosmos Commerce,” an Indonesian subsidiary specialized in e-commerce, delivers the excellent products of our clients in Japan and around the world into the hands of Indonesian consumers.

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