Big Data Analytics Services

Analyze the customer behavior and feedback based on accumulated data.
transcosmos supports the entire data processing operation including collection, processing, analysis, sharing and utilization by leveraging data mining (DB/Web) and text mining (VOC/SNS).

RFM Segmentation

Identify KPI and RFM analysis for customer segmentation based on analyzing customer groups, sales, products detail and time series trends over the past few years.

Predictive Model Building

Prioritize target demographics and create profiles by customer segmentation; analyzing customer behavior on repeat purchase/product purchase mix.

Business Intelligence (BI) System Development

Develop BI tools and report format systems to make the clients’ decision-making and execution more efficient and faster through collecting, integrating, storing, processing, aggregating, classifying, analyzing and sharing huge volumes of data.

Digital Promotion Effectiveness Measurement

Improve promotion measures and optimize ad budget allocation by evaluating characteristics of digital media and indirect effects from advertising medium (attribution model) based on users’ web browsing history and referral traffic (inbound and outbound link traffic).

Web Traffic Analysis (E-Commerce/Membership Site)

Evaluate the contribution level of ad medium/traffic flow, extract improvement points and identify recommendation plans based on the customer behaviors through analysis of traffic flows, activity patterns and purchase history.

VOC Consulting

Offer implementation support for speech recognition systems, text mining tools and system building support by analyzing the voice of customer (VOC) through collected conversation and analyzed (visualized) data from surveys, call centers and retail stores.

Call Center Root Cause Analysis

Offer knowledge creation support to enhance our clients’ sales performance and improve FAQ response rate by data analysis based on inquiries in call centers and factors in purchase/cancellation from administration offices.

Social Listening

Monitor clients’ customer feedback of their products/services, campaigns and risk words by implementing BI tools and sharing analysis reports.

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