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Analytics Services

  • To another level. Analysis for the Knowledge + Synthesis for the Action.

transcosmos launches new Direct Marketing/CRM Support Services along with world’s top class KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing).

In our current business environment, where most companies’ databases are generated and grown by their day-to-day activities, we feel that they are not used to their full potential. Just collecting and keeping track of the customers seems not enough now. Big Data needs to be used smartly and efficiently. The challenge, however, is that it requires professional, multi-talented and skilful manpower, such as marketing researchers and data scientists who can handle IT, statistics and business execution and implementation. Good news is, we can do this for you!

Through our KPO’s segment, transcosmos analytics will offer direct marketing techniques and telemarketing outsourcing and consulting services conducted by a professional group. Through the combination and flexibility of our skills, a wide range of research and analytics and the most advanced DB/BI technologies, we will help you increase your profitability and added value.

Analytics Services

  • Customer Research Service
  • Big Data Analysis Service
  • Direct Promotion Consulting Service
  • Customer Support Consulting Service

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