Expand revenue and improve customer experience by researching, analyzing and utilizing big data
Marketing Research and Analytics Services

On top of assisting clients in designing & conducting research and analysis, and implementing & utilizing AI and other tools, transcosmos builds a platform that collects, analyzes and utilizes customer psychographic and behavioral data. Ultimately, transcosmos helps clients perform AI & data-driven marketing and communication.

AI & Data-Driven Marketing Communication

Marketing Research Services

  • Identify areas for improvement in terms of customer convenience and satisfaction based on “information to be collected” through questionnaires and interviews.
  • Utilize various research methods that include ad performance measurement, website UI improvement, CS and Intention to Recommend survey, global research and more.

Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning

  • Analyze customer behavior and comments based on “collected information” that include access and call logs.
  • Help clients create customer segmentation and predict purchase probability by making the most of machine learning and text mining methodologies.

Platforms and BI Tools

  • Assists clients to connect their systems to external systems that include ad delivery engine and automation tools
  • Offer “tableau,” a BI tool and help clients develop & implement dashboard.

“DataRobot,” an automated machine learning platform

  • An automated machine learning tool which is developed by the world’s leading data scientists.
  • DataRobot AI automatically builds the best predictive models and helps clients streamline analytics processes.
  • AEnsure easy and fast system deployment with its API connect and other useful features.

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transcosmos analytics

100% subsidiary specializes in research and analysis

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  • transcosmos analytics overview
    Over 60 consultants and data scientists collect and analyze various data. The company supports improving customer satisfaction and expanding sales, through combining its extensive know-how on data with the latest IT.

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