Maximize your fan base by executing marketing strategies that are based on “5A’s” research methodology whilst communicating with them via all available channels Channel-integrated Communication Services

transcosmos offers innovative loyalty marketing services with the exclusive rights to use “5A’s” research methodology in Japan. With the aim of helping clients communicate with their customers throughout the customer journey from awareness, to action, to advocacy phase, transcosmos provides “Digital Marketing,” “E-Commerce,” and “Customer Care” all at one stop.

“DECAds”, Channel-integrated Communication Services

Develop marketing strategy with “5A’s” research methodology

  • transcosmos has received the exclusive rights to use “5A’s” research methodology in Japan. Philip Kotler proposed “5A’s” in his “Marketing 4.0.,” replacing the traditional AIDMA model.
  • transcosmos has formed an alliance with MarkPlus Inc., a company founded by Hermawan Kartajaya, the co-author of “Marketing 4.0.”
  • Exclusively offer “5A’s” research technology in Japan and develop highly accurate marketing strategies.

Build engagement between consumers and clients

Strengthen communication

  • Solve users’ challenges and boost their interests in clients’ services by offering more valuable information on services that ads cannot deliver, via the right communication channel at the right time
  • Boost customer engagement by collecting and analyzing voice of consumers to optimize targeting accuracy as well as ad content

Improve return on ad media

Create a new value of ads

  • Further improve return on ad budget by maximizing the ads’ value through leading ad visitors to chat
  • Improve the efficiency of ad delivery by categorizing users’ chat responses in order to re-approach only the right users based on their category

5A Loyalty Suite

Comprehensively structured all required features for loyalty marketing

  • Seamlessly deliver comprehensive services to develop and execute marketing strategies based on 5A’s. The services include consulting, tools to support execution, project management functions, marketing automation tool operations and data analysis.

5A Loyalty Suite logo

Boost consumer recall, affinity, and appetite for the brand

Improve brand image

  • Increase brand recall, affinity, and motivate the users to take action by responding to chats
  • Evaluate the ads performance by comparing with regular banner ads, TV commercials, etc.

Leverage chat data

Connect data with our unique DMP

  • transcosmos’s DMP, “DECode” connects chat data with other various data to perform deep-dive customer analysis and reporting
  • Deep-dive analysis on aggregated data offers new findings that help clients develop new marketing initiatives

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