Offer “scheme” and “operations services” that enable AI powered, data-driven integrated communication AI & Data-Driven Communication Services

By integrating data obtained from various channels and leveraging a “scheme” that connects with AI and BI tools, transcosmos offers “operations” services with the power of AI and data to lets clients deliver integrated communication. Operations services include optimizing targeted ads and messages, visualizing KPI management and more.

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A “scheme” that integrates all data across multiple customer channels including marketing and customer support into DMP (Data Management Platform), and connects the data with AI, BI and other tools.

AI & Data-Driven
Communication Services

Outsourcing services that offer know-how and service framework that enables clients to perform AI and data-driven “operations.”

Retargeting Advertising Services

Optimize retargeting with the power of AI

  • Apply machine learning to web access log analysis and predict customer segment with high conversion probability scores.
  • Target and effectively deliver retargeting ads only to customer segments with high purchase probability scores.
  • Automate the whole operations process from prediction to delivery.

LINE Messaging Service, “WHITE BASE”

Optimize segmented delivery with the power of AI

  • Improve ROAS (Return On Advertising Spend) by delivering LINE messages by segment instead of sending them to all friends.
  • WHITE BASE auto-generates a list that shows “individuals who are most likely to buy” and “the best timing to show your offer.”
  • Manage lists and KPIs with WHITE BASE’s proprietary tools.


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