End-to-end support ranging from product designing and development, to all related operations
Engineering Services

transcosmos provides diverse support services for clients in the manufacturing industry, including design, development, manufacturing, and customer service by leveraging our know-how in design built upon a proven record. Ultimately, we help clients boost their competitiveness in the global market.

Engineering Services

Back-Office Services for Design and Production

Optimize process and cost

  • Provide QCDSE (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Safety, Engagement) management services for clients’ Production department.
  • Support improving productivity by collecting, accumulating, analyzing and leveraging information scattered around various departments
  • Outsourcing service for design associated tasks such as developing technical documents, various standards and manuals, leveraging our centers in Japan and abroad

Technology Certification Services

Provide support to obtain various certifications required for selling and importing products

  • transcosmos carries out security trade controls (fills out parameter sheet) throughout export control processes on behalf of clients.
  • Provide comprehensive services for clients to obtain product certifications including environmental certification and type approval. The services include collecting necessary information, filling out parameter sheet and developing documents.

Engineering IT Services

Support effective use of essential IT tools for product development

  • Support implementing and operating PLM to centralize information
  • Provide training and support for various engineering tools including CAD and PDM
  • Support building and operating system infrastructure to streamline design tasks

Design Services

Support visualizing various processes for product design

  • Provide contracted design services for derived models and variations of each model
  • Provide wide range of services from design, to analysis, to assessment for press molding and resin parts
  • Support designing various design data (3-dimensional modeling, 2-dimensional drawing)

Built-In Development Services

Provide flexible and stable development framework

  • Support design development, operation check and functional testing and verification in built-in development business area
  • Guarantee customer’s quality requirements by setting up operational framework which supports development process model for automobile industry and is in compliance with functional safety standards

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