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Services for the Chinese Market

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transcosmos has been providing services in China for 20 years, accumulating vast experience with E-Commerce operation records for over 50 companies. Through strong partnership with major Chinese businesses, we support clients’ E-Commerce business expansion considering Chinese culture and characteristics.

transcosmos has received Gold certification in apparel and baby goods division, Silver certification in daily goods and automobile division.

Supports All E-Commerce Sales Channels 天猫tmall.com 天猫tmall.com UNQ JD.COM JUMEI.COM 1号店 Yifanshop.com 天猫国際 KJT.COM Yifanshop.com 天猫国際 KJT.COM

transcosmos Group E-Commerce Outsourcing Companies

China’s Largest Apparel E-Commerce Support Compnay
Magic Panda

China’s largest E-Commerce support company for apparel brands. MAGICPANDA provides merchandizing, branding, marketing and customer support services, and also provides O2O measures linked to real stores. Received TMALL Gold certification, the highest ranking award for four consecutive years.

Chinese E-Commerce Fulfillment and Distribution Company

E-Commerce fulfillment and logistics company with 7 delivery centers in China, with a total working space of 110,000 square meters. Capable of shipping products to almost all areas for E-Commerce users in mainland China. Serves average of 40,000 transactions per day and during peak season it handles 150,000 transactions as order - fulfillment - shipping agent.

China’s Leading Digital Agency
Tensyn Interactive

Tensyn Interactive is a leading digital agency listed on ChinaNext, which is for China’s venture enterprise market. It occupies the top three positions in media buying (purchasing of ad slots) for major portal Websites and video Websites in the Chinese market.

Major Achievements in China

In addition to major Japanese brand companies, services are also provided for Western and Chinese brand companies. Enjoying numerous achievements focused on fields such as apparel, consumer products and toys.

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